Celebrating Over 20 Years in Business

The Lemus Family – Owners of Taqueria Sol Azteca

In 1976…

along with their children Ernesto and Francisca Lemus moved to Rohnert Park. Francisca always cooked authentic Mexican meals at home. She learned to cook by watching her grandmother Manuela cook traditional meals from Jalisco, Mexico. In 1992 encouraged by her husband Ernesto a full time cement mason worker Francisca embarked in opening up Taqueria Sol Azteca an authentic Mexican restaurant. With the help of their children Lissette, Ernesto, Francisco and Jose this small taqueria grew from 6 tables to patio seating in four years.

Within 5 years the taqueria was so popular an addition was created for 8 more tables. For over 20 years with the help of family and friends and Francisca’s consist tradition of Mexican flavors Taqueria Sol Azteca is still the heart of Mexican food in Rohnert Park. Today Francisca is semi retired and the tradition still continues in the hands her son Francisco. Family owned and operated Taqueria Sol Azteca is truly the best Mexican food in town.

Mama Quina making tortillas in Tijuana

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